Friday, May 3, 2013

Razon's Halo-Halo

Summer heat is so intense! One way to refresh yourself is to eat halo-halo. Of course you want the best and delicious halo-halo to get rid off the heat. Here's one of the best halo-halo that you must try!


Looks simple right? Not so colorful like the typical halo-halo that you know. But once you taste it, you can't resist it! That is what Razon offers you. "Simple yet very delicious and so yummy." That is how I can describe their best selling halo-halo. You will not be attracted with its presentation because it's not that colorful and you cannot identify the ingredients. Well, don't judge it by its appearance, taste it before you judge it!   


 I don't know exactly the ingredients of their halo-halo but I think it has crushed sweetened banana and macapuno that gives a powerful flavor. It has leche flan on its toppings, the crushed ice is very fine and it has a lot of milk which makes it creamy and flavorful. Of course, they have these "secret ingredients" which makes eating their best selling halo-halo irresistible. Each glass of this tongue tantalizing dessert is worth 92 pesos. Expensive I think but it's worth the taste!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Green Nature Experience

green nature resort clubhouse
  An unforgettable getaway experience is what Green Nature Resort and Leisure Park promises you. It caters an opportunity to relax and to have fun with your family and friends. It has a perfect amenities that will cater your needs for a great summer escapade and will surely fit your budget.

Get wet and wild with their fantastic pools:
kiddie pool with playground
adult pool with slide
lap pool
pool with mini falls and jacuzzi

Feel free to relax with their luxurious rooms and hotel accommodations:

Have a walk and feel the nature breeze:

Have an awesome vacation spent at Green Nature Resort and Leisure Park where affordability meets relaxation and unforgettable experience. The resort is located at San Mateo, Rizal. For more information about the rates and accommodations, visit their site: